February, 2017 – Annual Appeal Letter

What is The Cornwall Association? (And why you should care!)

February 5, 2017

Dear Cornwall Friends,

Sometimes when a group has been around for a long time (nearly 50 years in the case of The Cornwall Association), it’s assumed that everyone knows who they are and what they do.

Folks in Cornwall often say nice things about what we’ve done …

  • creating a town flag, while engaging several hundred participants in a design contest
  • conducting forums on bringing back rail service
  • detailing services available for seniors
  • exploring developments in energy use and renewal
  • inviting a TV meteorologist to talk about predicting the weather
  • or, as we did 25 years ago, supporting the creation of The Cornwall Chronicle.

Still, it puzzles the Board why many in Cornwall do not realize that these and other activities have been sponsored by The Cornwall Association.

Many folks do know us as the hosts of the annual Newcomers Tea; we invite everyone who has purchased or rented a home in Cornwall during the previous year to come and meet long-time residents as well as the leaders of various organizations in town. Our goal is to introduce people to the community and to encourage newcomers to become involved.

The Cornwall Association is a membership organization; we are not a fund-raising group (that alone makes us very unusual).  While we always appreciate the generosity of our members, our mission is to encourage and build on Cornwall’s strong sense of community and shared values, to maintain the town’s unique historic and rural character without losing sight of the need for healthy change and planning for the future. We can only reach our goals together – not necessarily on the content of any issue, but definitely united in our commitment to what is ultimately best for Cornwall and its citizens.

Annual membership is just $25. You can join together with your neighbors by sending a check in the enclosed envelope or via PayPal at our website www.cornwallassociation.org. If you wish to receive updates about our programs, please include your email address. If you have ideas for future programs, please include those as well.

Thank you for supporting The Cornwall Association!


Priscilla Pavel, President ∙ Lori Blakey Welles, Vice President
Tony Appio, Treasurer ∙ Joanne Wojtusiak, Secretary
Donald Bachman ∙ Peter Demy ∙ Katherine Freygang ∙ John Miller
Micki Nunn-Miller ∙ Richard Schlesinger ∙ Brenda Singer