February, 2018 – Annual Appeal Letter

Cornwall Association Membership … It really is a bargain!

Dear Cornwall Friends,

Nowadays just about everything costs more than it did last year.  Well, maybe not everything, after all membership in The Cornwall Association remains a bargain
 at just $25.  So you’re wondering… can membership be any good if it is that cheap? 

The fact is that membership in The Cornwall Association is one of the few great bargains around!  Memberships help to strengthen our community, connect people and raise important issues for discussion…and it does all this in a non-partisan, positive way!!

The Cornwall Association is a quiet, but determined, force that supports any and all things Cornwall!  We think it is important to raise issues and ask questions and we believe the best answers come from encouraging input from multiple perspectives and listening to each other.  Did you know that:

The Cornwall Association was an early advocate of and assisted in the creation of such treasures as the Cornwall Chronicle and the town’s Farmers’ Market.

Last year we sponsored the community forum focused on the largest forest fire ever in Connecticut – the Flat Rocks Fire, right here in Cornwall!  Speakers from CT DEEP and from the CVFD explained how the fire started, spread and was brought under control.

We sponsored a town-wide competition to select a town flag and the winner (which celebrates Cornwall’s beautiful topography and waterways, its historic covered bridge and multiple hamlets) now flies at the CCS and the town green.  If you would like to purchase your own Cornwall flag, just let us know.

Each September we host the annual Newcomers’ Tea, to which we invite all who have purchased or rented a home in Cornwall during the previous year.  New residents come and meet long-time residents, as well as the leaders of various organizations in town.  We encourage newcomers to become involved in the community.

With your support we will continue to play a unique and impartial role in advancing Cornwall’s future. You may join together with your neighbors by sending a check in the enclosed envelope or via PayPal at our website www.cornwallassociation.org. Membership for you and your family is only $25, but additional contributions are much appreciated too!  If you wish to receive updates about our programs, please include your email address.


Priscilla Pavel, President ∙ Lori Blakey Welles, Vice President
Tony Appio, Treasurer ∙ Joanne Wojtusiak, Secretary
Peter Demy ∙ Katherine Freygang ∙ Richard Griggs ∙ John Miller
Micki Nunn-Miller ∙ Richard Schlesinger ∙ Brenda Singer