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Design the Town Flag Contest

Our panel of judges have scored each flag design anonymously. Public voting of the final three designs has ended and the winning flag will be announced at the 275th Celebration on August 1, 2015 on the Cornwall Town Green.

The 3 Finalists:

Flag Contest

Entrant's Description: "It's the bridge, silly."

Flag Contest

Entrant's Description: "The cow symbolizes Cornwall’s history as a farming community and home to the Cream Hill Agricultural School (1845-1869), one of the earliest agricultural schools in the US and is still relevant today with several newly established dairy and beef farms.
The covered bridge, one of the most famous in New England (1864) symbolizes Cornwall’s connection to the traditional architecture of the 19th century, both in its material- wood and its color- barn red. It also represents innovation with its roof for protection from the weather and its single center stonework pier. On the flag the seven white windows of the bridge represent the seven principal localities of Cornwall: Cornwall Bridge, Cornwall, East Cornwall, West Cornwall, North Cornwall, Cream Hill and Cornwall Hollow.
The dark blue color represents the three publicly accessible bodies of water- Mohawk Pond, Cream Hill Lake and the Housatonic River.
The white on the cows brow represents the skiing trails on Mohawk Mountain.
The green and light blue represent the landscape and the sky and are a reminder that Cornwall’s natural beauty endures in its unspoiled fields and forests and clean air.

Flag Contest

Entrant's Description: The C stands for Cornwall and community. The light green is for the grass. The dark green is for the pine trees. The yellow is for sunshine. And the blue is for the sky.

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